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$2,100,000 Confidential v. Confidential

Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury while working on negligently constructed roof. In the end, Arendsen Braddock obtained a $2.1 million recovery for a very deserving client and his family.

$2,250,000 Confidential v. Confidential

Motorcycle Accident. Wrongful Death. The police blamed our client, and the defendant denied fault. In the end, Arendsen Braddock obtained $2.25 Million dollars for this family.

$2,900,000 Confidential v. Confidential

Our client was rear-ended by a garbage truck at a high rate of speed. The attorneys at Arendsen Braddock LLP and their co-counsel obtained one of the largest settlements in California for our client, a family man whose life was upended by this accident.

Millions Recovered for Our Clients

The trial attorneys at Arendsen Braddock have obtained numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements for our clients. Our team of attorneys has tried over 100 cases and we make it our mission to take on big insurance companies to get our clients the compensation they deserve. We understand that getting injured in an accident affects nearly every aspect of our clients’ lives and that making them whole again means more than just getting money for medical expenses and lost wages. We work tirelessly for our clients and are proud that our past clients frequently refer us to their friends and family members who have been involved in accidents.

Our Clients. Our Family.

Helping you regain your health, your happiness, and your livelihood is our top priority. The people who hire our team are not just our clients, they’re our family. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to give them the help they need through every stage of the case — from the day they call us to the day they get their checks. This means helping you get the medical care you need, even if you don’t have health insurance, and answering any questions you have throughout the case. At Arendsen Braddock, we’ve pioneered a one-on-one approach and 24/7 availability to ensure we’re always there for you, whether it’s for an update on your case or just to talk when you’re having a tough day.

Practice Areas

Our Firm specialises in the folowing Practice Areas. To see the complete list of Practice Areas click the link below.


Car Accidents

Our team of trial attorneys and staff have experience with all kinds of accident cases and will step in right away to reduce your stress and get you on the road to recovery.


Motorcycle Accidents

We are proud to have gotten some exceptional results for our motorcycle clients and we understand that motorcycle cases can present unique challenges and very serious injuries.


Dog Bites

We have handled numerous dog bit cases, and as trial attorneys with a reputation for going above and beyond for every client, we put our expertise and determination to work for you. 


Bus Accidents

Our team will help get you the care you need and navigate the special rules that can apply in bus accident cases. Our personal attention on these difficult cases can make a real difference in your recovery.


Truck Accidents

We have obtained millions of dollars in settlements for people hit by trucks and we know the ins and out of fighting the biggest insurance companies and getting real results. 


Bicycle Accidents

We have secured numerous significant recoveries for our bicycle clients and stand ready and able to do whatever it takes to get you the money you deserve if you have been involved in a bicycle accident.

We Are Here To Guide You, Like We Would A Family Member.

Step One

Each one of our clients is affected differently. That’s why we start by getting to know your family and your needs. Not getting good medical care? We get you immediate appointments with the best doctors. Police report says the accident was your fault? Our independent investigators will figure out what really happened. Frustrated with harassing phone calls from insurance companies? We put them on notice right away that we represent you and they may no longer contact you. Whatever your concerns, we address them upfront to reduce your stress, and allow us to fight for you.

Step Two

Once we get to know you, your family, and your case, the second step is taking on the defendant’s insurance companies to get you the compensation you deserve. Whether through a settlement or a trial, we pride ourselves on getting great results for our clients and have obtained millions of dollars in recoveries on all different kinds of cases. We go on the offensive from the beginning of each case and work with some of the best experts in the industry to make sure our clients are positioned for success.

What Our Amazing Clients Have To Say

We have had the honor of representing these amazing clients. Here is what they have to say about their experience with working with us.

From the first phone call with Josh, I immediately felt at ease, and more importantly, that I had connected with “one of the good ones.” Josh listened intently as I shared with him my reasons for reaching out, and possibly obtaining his services. He let me speak freely and was non-judgmental, did not interrupt, and had the empathetic ear and human compassion I needed while going through a difficult situation.

Tami Lemke

ARENDSEN BRADDOCK FIGHTS FOR YOU!! My father was badly injured when he was hit by a car back in January. The police report put him at fault for the accident, but we knew that just could not be true based on what we knew of the situation. I knew our family needed an attorney. Arendsen Braddock got my father a huge award from the insurance company that helped us pay for his medical expenses and other treatment. I just cannot say it enough – thank you to Josh! You were there for our family when we needed you!

Eric Kummero


If your questions isn’t answered below, please contact us and we would be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. We look forward to helping you.

What if the police report puts me at fault in the accident?

You can still pursue a claim. We’ve handled numerous cases where the police initially put our client at fault but we were subsequently able to show that the other driver caused the accident and were able to obtain a substantial recovery for our client. We have our own team of independent investigators who will go out to the scene, interview witnesses, and figure out the real facts about what happened.

What if I need medical care but don't have health insurance?

We can help you get the medical care that you need, with or without insurance. Arendsen Braddock works with some of the best doctors in California who will see our clients even if they don’t have insurance. They understand that many of our clients don’t have the money to pay for medical care up front and will work with you to hold off on payment until the conclusion of your case.

What if my medical bills or lost wages are not that high?

We work hard to secure large recoveries for our clients even in situations where their medical bills or lost wages may not be significant. Many clients feel like they have to go back to work in order to feed their families, even if they’re hurt. Similarly, many of our clients are covered by Medi-Cal, so their medical bills are not very high. In California, however, people who are injured in accidents are entitled to compensation not only for medical bills and lost wages, but also for the physical pain they’ve endured, their emotional distress, and the impact the incident has had on them and their loved ones. We work hard to make insurance companies understand these types of losses and get our clients the compensation they deserve for every aspect of their injury.

What if I refused to take the ambulance to the emergency room because I was worried about the bills?

You can still pursue a claim. Many of our clients were scared to go to the emergency room but are still suffering real injuries. We help them get to the doctors they need and work out flexible payment plans, including having doctors hold on to their bills until we recover money for our clients. We do believe it’s important for our clients to get the treatment they need so they can recover from their injuries, and we work hand-in-hand with our clients to get them that treatment.

What if I don't have the money to pay a lawyer up front?

We never charge our clients an upfront fee. We work on a contingency basis, and our clients never pay any attorney’s fees unless we recover money for them.

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