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Brain Injury 

The attorneys at Arendsen Braddock LLP have handled a large number of traumatic brain injury cases, which can have unique challenges. People who have endured a brain injury often need special medical care and treatment and have difficulty with recalling events or remembering doctors’ appointments, which can lead the defense to try and take advantage of them. 
Oftentimes, those clients also don’t know exactly what type of help they need, as it feels like their world is crashing down around them and they have lost their sense of identity. We work with some of the best neurologists and psychiatrists in the industry to get our clients the care they need to begin the path forward while we focus on securing them the best recovery we can to ease their stress about the future. Armed with knowledge about your specific injury, we’re well-equipped to demonstrate to the defense the magnitude of these types of injuries and what that means for your health, your career, your relationship with your family, and ultimately your future.

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