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Tami Lemke

The team at Arendsen Braddock are top notch and I would recommend them to anyone who needs assistance in obtaining justice.

“From the first phone call with Josh, I immediately felt at ease, and more importantly, that I had connected with “one of the good ones.” Josh listened intently as I shared with him my reasons for reaching out, and possibily obtaining his services. He let me speak freely and was non-judgmental, did not interrupt, and had the empathetic ear and human compassion I needed while going through a difficult situation.
After hearing my story, Josh provided both empathy for what I had gone through, and provided honest feedback regarding my situation. He was forthright regarding the road ahead and the time it would take, as well as what the next steps would look like if we proceeded with his representation. After meeting in person I was confident Josh would represent me in the best way possible. I honestly feel Josh cares for his clients more than padding his wallet and if he felt I didn’t have a case, would have advised me so, instead of just trying to make another buck.
Josh and the team at Arendsen Braddock were communicative throughout the process and kept me informed at each step along the way. If I had a question, concern or needed additional clarification, they were a phone call or an email away. They responded in a timely manner and I was grateful that Josh was often the one to make contact (eliminating the “middleman”) during this process.
I am so grateful to have had Josh representing me. I am hopeful not to need his services again, but I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone needing his assistance and expertise. He is honest, genuine, sincere, confident, compassionate, and operates with integrity and authenticity. All traits difficult to find in people these days, more specifically, in a Lawyer. Thank you Arendsen Braddock!”

Eric Kummero


“My father was badly injured when he was hit by a car back in January. The police report put him at fault for the accident, but we knew that just could not be true based on what we knew of the situation. I knew our family needed an attorney. I began visiting different law firms and was repeatedly given the same run around. Finally, I reached out to a dear friend who I knew I could trust for guidance. He highly recommended Josh at Arendsen Braddock. While my father was still in the hospital, I went and met with Josh. From the moment I met him, he made me feel like family. I told him about our situation, and he did not hesitate for a second – he told me he would do everything in his power to fight for my father. And true to his word, that is exactly what he did. As soon as I left the office, Josh, and his team were up and running on the case. Later that same day, Josh called me to provide updates from their investigation. Ultimately, after months of accident scene reconstruction, witness interviews, investigation, and legal research, Josh destroyed the credibility of the at-fault driver, as well as the police report. Arendsen Braddock got my father a huge award from the insurance company that helped us pay for his medical expenses and other treatment. And on top of that, when other attorneys would have left the case, Josh stayed on to help us try and reduce some of the bills we were receiving from collectors. This helped us save money that we were then able to put towards future treatment. I just cannot say it enough – thank you to Josh! You were there for our family when we needed you!

I had the pleasure of meeting Josh back in Jan 2017. I was hit by a drunk driver while riding my bicycle. I was overwhelmed and wasn’t sure what to do. Josh took the time to get to know me as a person, and more importantly, answer all of my questions along the way. Most importantly, he got me a favorable settlement.


Thomas Petitt

I can honestly say the team at Arendsen Braddock are some of the most kind hearted and professional people I have ever met…

“WOW what can I say, I was hurt while at work and the people responsible refused to help me. I was referred to Josh at Arendsen Braddock. At first, I was scared thinking what am I going to do, my wife was pregnant, we were trying to get a home, and now I’m hurt and out of work.

Josh came to me with open arms helping me with everything, including pushing the case as quickly as we could. When push came to shove, Josh, and the Arendsen Braddock team pulled off a huge victory, and were able to help my wife, myself and our new baby boy to put all this behind us, as well as get us out of debt that we got into due to my injuries, and even get us back on track for our house.

I can honestly say the team at Arendsen Braddock are some of the most kind hearted and professional people I have ever met, and as lawyers they don’t have to ask about family, or personal items – but Josh made me feel as if we were family, always asking how my wife and newborn son were, and if we needed anything. And even after my case was settled and payed out, they still asked how my family and son were even though the case was completely over. Thanks again Josh, you guys are by far the best and most honest and professional people I have ever met.“

Scott Leas

They are passionate about your case and make you feel like you’re their only client.

“What can I say that hasn’t already been said about Hamilton and Josh and the team at Arendsen Braddock!? They are passionate about your case and make you feel like you’re their only client. Josh was literally available day and night to answer all my questions, putting me first ALWAYS. Arendsen Braddock and team were sensitive to my case, handling all the intricacies with compassion and careful thought. I never felt lost in the legal process as they walked me through every step, explaining exactly what to expect and why. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the way my case was handled and I have found lifelong support and service in Hamilton and Josh and the team at Arendsen Braddock! So grateful!

Attorney Braddock is an angel sent from heaven, he is a light when your path gets dark. Thank you for handling Lovell’s case without you I don’t know what I would have done your law firm is the most ethical embodiment of professionalism and one with a beating heart for the clients you serve. I will tell any and everyone about you and your firm that needs help like me and my son did. Thank you so very much Josh and hugs n prayers to you and your family.

Debbie Newton

Richard Spindler

Arendsen Braddock is committed from the very first moment through the end of a case to doing the absolute best job they can for each and every one of their clients.

“My personal experience having Hamilton and Joshua as my attorneys was extremely positive and productive! They ALWAYS kept me informed as it pertained to any and all information I needed to know. The very first consultation I had with them was at my home, due to my injuries and inability to drive.

Hamilton and Joshua think outside the box when presenting the facts of a case. For me, they accomplished this through video presentation, talking with my personal doctors, pictures and an extremely well written account of the accident and how it changed my life forever. I recommend Hamilton and Joshua to any and all people who find themselves in a situation that calls for expert legal advice and/or representation. When first meeting Hamilton and Joshua, it was clear that they are dedicated and passionate about their craft. I was extremely fortunate to have them as my attorneys. I can say with the utmost of confidence that Hamilton and Joshua are elite and brilliant attorneys.

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